Anti Glare Computer Glasses - A Solution Eye Strain and Headaches Due to Digital Drain

In This Digital era,  avoiding our laptops,  smartphones &Tv is inevitable. These devices has become essential our part of life however, their usage comes along with the exposure of harmful Blue light & UV rays causing issues like

  • Eye strain, 
  • Dry eyes, 
  • Headaches, 
  • Blurred vision and
  • Even permanent loss of vision  
Thankfully Anti-Glare Computer Glasses for men and women have been invented to effectively shield against the bad blue rays emitted by digital screens. However, one may question the level of effectiveness these glasses truly possess.

Natural Blue light can be found in the sun, while Artificial Blue Light is emitted by electronic devices.
  • Exposure to blue light from the sun helps to maintain a healthful circadian rhythm .
  • Exposure to blue lights from electronic devices has the highest levels of harmful blue lights.

But Why so much fuss about Blue light :

Blue light when exposed to eyes can cause a variety of eye related complications, many eye problems have been discovered due to the contribution of digitalization.

What Impact does Blue Light have on your eyes:

Eye Fatigue & Intense Migraines:

Extended use of digital screens often leads to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS), resulting in headaches, digital eye strain, eye dryness, blurred vision, and also loss of eyesight in some cases.

Interferes with your Sleep Cycle: 

Continuous use of mobile or computer at night messes with your circadian rhythm(sleep wake cycle )making it harder to go to sleep at night: it signals your brain to stay awake instead of preparing for sleep lowering the performance of immune system

Significant level of Risk for Children:

Children are unable to filter harmful blue rays as effectively as adults; they may develop vision problems such as the change in vision or squinting eyes, apart from messing with their brains.

Affects Mental Health:

Disturbance in the sleep cycle due to blue light exposure could lead to mood instability, stress response, cognitive function, insomnia and depression.

Are Anti-Blue Light Glasses really effective?

Yes, it keeps your circadian rhythm in check, responsible for your body's sleep-wake cycle

Not just this, the wavelength of Blue light from LCD & LED is so damaging that it can damage your retinal cells, along various eye problems

Since Anti-Blue Light Glasses filter out these harmful rays before they reach your eyes, you can save yourself from  eye trouble just by wearing them when working on your digital screens.

What should we look in Blue Light Glasses:

Any Anti-Blue Light Blockers which filters more than 60% of Blue light & uv rays from digital devices should be considered.

Computer Glasses should have multiple coatings like Blue Light Filtration Coatings, Scratch-Resistant Coating, Anti-Reflective Coating (AR Coating), Ultraviolet (UV) & Protective Coatings. 

Anti Blue Light Glasses should possess durability, lightweight & skin friendly. They should provide a comfortable experience  to wear on a daily basis and of course be reasonably priced.

What makes Enrico Eyewear the ideal choice for you?

Since enrico eyewear offers:
☑️ Unique colours
☑️ High multi coated 9-layer lens
☑️ CR-39 technology lens
☑️ Frames made with TR90 material (TR90 frame material is bendable, impact-resistant and performs best even under high pressure)
☑️ Blue light protection
☑️ Scratch resistant
☑️ Durable
☑️ Light weight
☑️ Skin friendly
☑️ Affordable

Since Digital screens are inevitable the only option is protect your eyes from their harmful rays and the best approach is to implement a plan, rest from screen time when possible, and use Computer Glasses Habituate wearing Anti-Blue Light Glasses, Because Good habits, look good!

You can explore Computer Glasses for men, women & kids. from Enrico's versatile collection, offering stylish collection for work, leisure, and fashion-forward occasions.