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Sports sunglasses are popular for their clean performance and stylish looks. They are widely popular among people who are indulged in any kind of sports activities. Whether you are playing in the field or cheering for your favourite team, you may need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust particles or the glaring sun rays. Over the years, sports persons have recognised the importance of sports sunglasses in eliminating the possibilities of eye damage during the game. Sunglasses have secured their special place in the list of essentials for sports events.

At Enrico you can find a wide range of sports sunglasses that are suitable for both men and women, differentiated according to their face shape and features thereby making it easier for you to select the best with minimal efforts. These sunglasses come with UV or Polarised lenses to completely block the harmful UV rays from entering the eyes. 

With the right pair of sports sunglasses, one cannot just focus on the game better but also look cooler while you aim for the ball or shout after a score. So why to wait, hurry up and grab a pair of sports sunglasses for men and women at Enrico online for you and your partner. 

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The Recall Program

Elevating your contentment and product superiority is our utmost priority through the Recall Program. We are delighted to introduce a distinctive opportunity where you can effortlessly return any impaired or broken Enrico glasses. For each pair, you will receive "150 Enrico points" (equivalent to Rs150) as a token of appreciation!