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There is no denying that sunglasses are one of the most essential accessories of a person. Providing protection from harmful UV rays to offer a touch of sophistication to the overall look, sunglasses do it all and clubmaster sunglasses from Enrico are the crispiest evidence of fashion revival. A thick brow line over the lens is the characteristic feature of this frame type. With this frame type being adorned by celebrities and stars, clubmaster frames have become one of the hottest trending sunglasses styles over the years.

From round-frames to mirrored sunglasses, these are worth experimenting with. The style draws more attention and also complement almost all face shapes. With the rise of retro style, Enrico’s clubmaster sunglasses have gained immense popularity among both men and women in recent years. Whether going out for a brunch or shopping, one of the best ways to keep yourself protected from the scorching heat is to wear a pair of cool sunglasses.

Make a style statement and leave your mark with Enrico’s clubmaster sunglasses that are not only trendy but also make you stand apart. No matter what is your face shape and how you style, Enrico is committed in providing the best of the services. Shop online with Enrico and choose from a plethora of styles and frames that suit your style. Stay safe and happy shopping!


What is a Clubmaster style?

Defined by a broad browline right over the lense, Clubmaster Sunglasses are detailed in such a way where the upper frame looks thicker & evident compared to the bottom portion of the frame. The styling on the upper rim makes these sunglasses stand out among others.

Why are Clubmasters so popular?
The fame of these frames started in the 1980’s after the TV show ‘Moonlighting’ where the famous American actor Bruce Willis wore this style. Post that, these frames came into popularity again and multiple brands have started re-launching these browline sunglasses, which are also known as clubmaster sunglasses. Enrico offers an extensive range of CLubmaster Sunglasses, available in different frame sizes and colors. 

What face shape is best for Clubmaster sunglasses?
Be it a round face or a square face shape, these amazing Clubmasters suit every face shape. A thick brow line over the lens is the distinct feature that lightens out the angles of the face while balancing the natural cuts. Diamond, square and oval face shapes can opt out for these frames. From trendy clubmasters with textured clip sides to stylish clubmasters with metal sides & dual-toned tips, we have a perfect list of pairs for you.

Can guys wear Clubmasters?
Goes well with all the face shapes, these Clubmaster sunglasses have a characteristic and defining feature. They can look appealing on a lot of face types. However, clubmasters can be eminently beautiful on guys with narrow chins.

Are Clubmasters formal?
As a matter of fact, these distinctive lens frames are more inclined to formal style compared to aviators or wayfarers. Clubmasters are among our most popular shades when it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for formal wear. They may be the wise option for a suited look or even a lavish holiday clothing.

Are Clubmasters good glasses?
Attract attention of the people around you with these Clubmasters, while still being classic and elegant. These sunglasses are so much more than the sun protection and don’t have the same stereotype look of aviators. In simple words, these clubmaster sunglasses can be the perfect eyewear if paired with the right clothing.

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The Recall Program

Elevating your contentment and product superiority is our utmost priority through the Recall Program. We are delighted to introduce a distinctive opportunity where you can effortlessly return any impaired or broken Enrico glasses. For each pair, you will receive "150 Enrico points" (equivalent to Rs150) as a token of appreciation!