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Today’s fashion scene draws inspiration from bygone years. From wide-leg trousers and platform sandals to anklets are slowly making a comeback. And it’s good, as these accessories have an effortless cool vibe making everything natural. Cat-eye sunglasses are making their way these days. Primarily worn by women, cat-eye sunglasses are also fancied by men though not as extensively as by the opposite gender. 

Dramatic and classic, cat-eye sunglasses are a staple of every cool girl’s accessory collection. These suit most facial shapes and sizes, and can also be availed in numerous shades. Fashion trends come and go and also make a comeback again, but this frame style is perhaps the only one that never went out of vogue. These have been in the heart and mind of people since the very beginning.

Make a style statement by accessorising right. Select from a range of Cat-Eye sunglasses at Enrico online that match your fashion quotient and suit your requirements. You just need to browse and select the one to stay ahead in fashion, always. Enrico promises you that you will never get out-of-date when shopping with us. Happy shopping and stay in style every day. 


Who looks good with cat eye sunglasses?
Choosing the perfect eye frame might be a difficult task especially if you have rounded cheeks or a fuller jawline. But thanks to cat-eye sunglasses that are more angular to create a little more length in the face. The best part of the cat eye sunglasses is that they look on all. All you need to do is to be cautious about the curved style and thicker frame. For example, a round face should go for a more curved style whereas people with an oval face can wear almost all frame shapes.

Are cat eye glasses in style 2022?
Cat eye frames are amongst the most famous and best sunglasses of all time. These angular frames add new edges to charm your facial shape and make your look beautiful. Also known as lovelace frames, these cat eye sunglasses are perfect for people with round & oval face.

Can a square face wear cat eye glasses?
Though there is no fixed rule, cat eye glasses are majorly preferred by people with a round or oval face. People with a square face should opt for round and oval glasses because they will lighten and adjust your strong jawline and add contrast to your face shape.

Does everyone look good in cat eye glasses?
We totally understand that cat-eye glasses are a glamorous option, and many people are concerned that they will not compliment their facial structure. However, there is a cat eye glass for everyone! Do explore our range and give yourself a refreshing look with these amazing squared-off frame frames.

Can a round face wear cat eye sunglasses?
The people with round face shape feel glad to know that cat eye sunglasses will look awesome on you due to their squared-off frames. So, you do not need to worry much while picking up this trendy style. All you need to make sure that your head size matters more than face shape so it is important to pick the perfect lens size of your sunglasses. Too small sunglasses can minimize sun protection and too wide frames can appear laughably oversized.

Are cat-eye sunglasses good for oval faces?
This has been said that people with oval faces look best with every frame shape. Available options for them are phenomenal. Still, our recommendation would be a softer cat eye with wider proportions and the reason for saying so is because this will flaunt your face shape fully.

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Elevating your contentment and product superiority is our utmost priority through the Recall Program. We are delighted to introduce a distinctive opportunity where you can effortlessly return any impaired or broken Enrico glasses. For each pair, you will receive "150 Enrico points" (equivalent to Rs150) as a token of appreciation!