Why Cat Eye Sunglasses Will Remain A Fave For Women?

Why Cat Eye Sunglasses Will Remain A Fave For Women?

Sunglasses play an imperative role in enhancing the overall look and personality. These not only provide protection to the eyes from the brightness of sunlight and harmful UV rays, but also keep you ahead in vogue. You have definitely seen a bunch of celebrities flaunting the designer and ubiquitous cat-eye sunglasses. All thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, who gave these sunglasses an iconic status in the late 1950’s. 

In the 21st century, cat-eye sunglasses have re-discovered popularity and have also become the go-to accessory for almost every woman. These sexy feline shades can be availed in a new, classier avatar and also in numerous styles. Cat-eye sunglasses add a dash of glamour to different face shape types that are able to pull them off effortlessly and make them favourite among women. 

  • Oval Faces – Cat-eye frames naturally fit on oval-shaped faces. These face types are the real winner always. Classic rectangular cat-eye sunglasses with a thicker frame and smaller size are the definite winners for an oval face.

  • Square Faces - Square faces are almost proportional in length and width, and the best frame types for them are those that enhance the face shape. Therefore, oversized cat-eye sunglasses work best for square faces. 

  • Diamond-Shaped Faces – Women with such faces usually have very wide cheekbones and straight lines at the temples and jawline. To enhance the look and highlight the cheekbones gloriously, wide-framed cat-eye sunglasses are the best bet.

  • Oblong Faces - An oblong face is longer, with lesser width, a straight cheek line and a longish nose sometimes. Cat-eye frames make these face type seem shorter and wider, thus enhancing the profile of an oblong face.

Reasons to own cat-eye sunglasses

Owning a cat-eye sunglass allows you channel your inner Hollywood star. By wearing these you will be able to capture the public with its interestingly sharp shape. Some of the prime reasons to own a cat-eye sunglasses:

One is not enough:

Why only one when you can have many to flaunt your cheekiness? A cat-eye sunglass suits almost any face shape and can enhance any outfit. These are one of the most trending sunglasses that can be worn all the year round. You can have a variety of colour tinted frames that enthral you. Make sure to try the Blue Transparent Full Rim Cat-Eye Sunglasses that is straight off the runway to match with your clothes & accessories.

Ladies today are doing justice with fashion accessories by giving them all the spotlight they deserve. Cat-eye sunglasses provide an elegant and feminine touch to every outfit and that’s why you should have it!

Vintage yet modern:

Cat-eye sunglasses have been popular since decades. These are now available in modern and classic styles, still managing the vintage look. To make sure you are ahead in fashion, go for bold winged frames or bling-adorned, oversized women’s cat-eye sunglasses. 

Cat-eye sunglasses are at the top among fashionistas these days. Once a massive rage during the 1950s-60s, these have made a 360-degree comeback and are leading the style bandwagon yet again.