Why are computer glasses a must have?

Why are computer glasses a must have?

We are living in a digital era and looking constantly at screens of any form put pressure on our eyes. Whether working over laptop or desktop and surfing over phone, we keep looking at screen most of the times, and obviously without doing these our work will hamper, which we can’t compromise. Looking at screens for a prolonged period of time put strain on eyes resulting in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and some of the common symptoms include red or dry eyes, dizziness, blurred vision and headaches. 

To combat the common eye problems due to digital screens, it is recommended to use computer glasses. These are specially designed glasses that consists antiglare features making it easier to look at screens for longer periods. Modern technological advancements allow computer glasses to increase contrast and maximize what you see through the lenses. Special type of coating on the lenses makes today’s computer glasses smart that offer protection to the eyes, preventing eye strain caused by prolonged staring at digital devices. 

Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses

No one enjoys eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, insomnia and other computer-related headaches. But nothing can be done, as making use of different digital screens whether for work or for surfing have become a necessity. To tackle these, there are computer glasses that are specially crafted to protect the eyes. At Enrico, you will find an enormous range of computer glasses that not only provides full protection to the god’s gift, but also keeps you ahead in vogue. Some of the benefits of wearing computer glasses are:

  • Relieves eye discomfort, headaches and helps you focus better.
  • Helps reducing glare and sleep better by reducing blue light exposure from digital devices.
  • Computer glasses increase productivity and accuracy, resulting in accomplishing the tasks faster than ever before. 
  • Helps combating the stress and fatigue, and helps contributing in work efficiency levels
  • Helps in improving the posture because you don’t have to lean forward or closer to have a clear look of the screen. 
  • Helps in reducing CVS symptoms and preventing age-related macular degeneration.

Computer glasses that filter the amount of high energy blue light that reaches the retinas of the eyes are a good thing. Both adults and kids benefit wearing Enrico’s computer glasses during their time over laptops, computer or other digital screens. At Enrico, you can find a wide range of stylish options of computer glasses in different frame styles. You just need to go through numerous options at our website and choose the one that suits you the best and make you look feel young, forever. Look good and feel good with Enrico’s collection of computer eyeglasses, as we are the one that really care for you.

Take good care of your eyes without burning a hole in your pocket.