All you Need to Know About Women's Sunglasses: Styles, Face Shape & Fit Guide

All you Need to Know About Women's Sunglasses: Styles, Face Shape & Fit Guide

Choosing a sunglass for a woman is as primitive as choosing other accessories. One of the most important aspects of buying sunglasses is determining the face size and shape, as these help you find a better fitting. A pair of nice sunglasses makes a bolder statement and leave a mark for you. Not just any pair of shades, but the RIGHT one. The perfect pair isn’t only about style, it’s also about the fit on your face.

Enrico helps you determine the styles according to your face shape. You will be able to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses that complement you. Measure, determine and match are the things that help you get the best pair.

Know your face shape and how to style

There is a pair of glasses specially designed and made for your face shape. Whether having round, oval, square or heart, there’s a pair made just for you! Your facial bone structure plays an impeccable role in calculating which style and fit suits you the best. Have a star-making moment with our guide.

Square face shape:

Having a broad forehead and a strong jawline support square shaped face. In simple terms, the width of the cheekbones on a square face shape is typically equal to the length between the forehead and jaw. The best sunglasses styles for square faces are round and oval shaped, as these helps round out the sharpness of the face and provide a more balanced look.

Round face shape:

With round-shaped face, you have noticeable curves with less defined angles. People with this face shape have a wider forehead and a broader jawline. The dimensions between the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are very similar. Angular or rectangular frames in eccentric designs and bold colours add structure to the face helping it look sharp. Oversized frames, aviators and cat-eye sunglasses are a great choice for this face shape.

Oval face shape:

People with oval face shape have cheekbones as the widest area on their face. They can pull almost any look or style because of their symmetrical features. From classy chic to bold and sporty, any oversized frame will work - as long as the sunglasses do not overshadow the natural features of the face. Aviators, clubmasters, and oversized cat-eyes are the ideal ones for ladies with an oval face.

Heart face shape:

Heart-shaped faces have wider forehead and narrow jawline. The perfect sunglasses for a heart-shaped face maintain midface balance without drawing much attention to the upper and lower portion of the face structure. Cat-eye styles in shiny opaque colours featuring rounded edges are ideal for giving the wearer a more balanced look.

No matter what is your face shape and how you style, Enrico is committed in providing the best of the services. Shop online with Enrico and choose from a plethora of styles and frames that suit your style. Stay safe and happy shopping!